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E-Pal understood the importance of authenticity and gave our content creators a huge level of creative freedom with their production.


11 Creators

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1 Social Platform

Content HQs x E-Pal Campaign
Content HQs x E-Pal Campaign
We worked with Content HQs to help us expand our platform on TikTok. Using their data driven approach we built a 2 month campaign with their top content creators.
The results exceeded our initial expectations in terms of brand awareness. Plus they were great to work with.
Marvin X.
Marketing Specialist

Targeting and matching

Our contentent matching specialists identified 11+ content creators with audiences from ther target demographic that were very likely to enjoy E-Pal's product.
Content HQs x E-Pal Campaign


Campaign results exceeded E-Pal's expectations for all main metrics, justifying a higher budget in our second global campaign. E-Pal reached over 400k views in just 1 month through social media promotions on TikTok. The campaign proved to be beneficial with positive feedback from both the customer and audience.
200k views in just under a month
Content HQs Campaign Videos
100k views in just 1 month.
Content HQs Campaign Videos

Reach great results with Content HQs

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