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Responsibility Disclaimer

Content HQs LLC is a firm offering technical development and consulting services in digital marketing for crypto-related initiatives and various legal or individual entities.

We adhere to industry best practices in vetting our clients and aim to work with credible projects. However, our relationship with each client is strictly professional, and we bear no responsibility for their actions or omissions.

As independent entities, we have no direct connection to our clients and do not receive payment in tokens or other means that would lead to direct ownership or influence in a specific project, unless publicly disclosed.

While all information provided on our website, platforms, and work is offered in good faith, we cannot guarantee its accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness regarding the information itself or the projects we engage with.

Content HQs LLC assumes no liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of our website, work, services, or reliance on information provided, including third-party interactions.

Our responsibilities are confined to furnishing information and advice in the form of services. Content HQs LLC is not required to represent or make management decisions for the Client, and any acts or omissions are the Client's responsibility. We shall not be liable for expenses or losses stemming from such actions.

If third parties engage in any way with the projects and clients we advise, it is at their own risk. We encourage all interested parties to conduct thorough research on any crypto project in which they may have an interest.
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